How To Do Well In GAMSAT

Re: How To Do Well In GAMSAT
From: Lindsay

how to do well in gamsat

Let’s cover exactly how to do well in GAMSAT. As an educator, I am constantly being asked “what is the secret to success in my exam/assessment?” This is a fair question to ask, and it is a natural bi product of the anxiety exams such as the GAMSAT can produce. The truth is that there is no easy answer to this question. If success could be reduced to a formula, or a specific type of preparation, then everyone who sat the GAMSAT would likely receive a medical place.This is of course not the case.

To start with I would recommend the following GAMSAT Practice Test which contains some great section 3 practice questions:

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There are simple instructions which can be given to students seeking to find out how to do well in GAMSAT:

  • Dedicate no less than 15 hours a week preparation over a 6-month period

This will mean that your preparation and revision will be consistent and thorough.You are unlikely to skimp in any of the topic areas, and you will give yourself enough time to address your weaknesses.

  • Learn the whole curriculum

Every year students often attempt to rationalize their preparation. They will say to me “oh, I don’t believe there will be much on Organic Chemistry this year, as it was a major focus of last year” or “I think the main focus of the Physics questions will be on linear motion. ”I am surprised by such statements as there is literally no way a student could know such things one way or the other. In short, over prepare. Make sure you have covered every possible topic area in your preparation.

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  • “Doing well” is personal to you and defined by your relative progress

Not everyone is the same. Some people will get into their dream university on the first sitting of the exam. Others will get into their third-choice university on the fourth time they sit the exam. The first student described admittedly starts their medical studies earlier, but both students end up in medical programs and will both one day be practising doctors. In short, be patient, resourceful, and willing to sacrifice time and energy to what is going to inevitably be a long haul. This is a truly huge examination, so there really are no shortcuts.

  • Balance is the key

There is a trend which I title “gaming the GAMSAT”. What this means is that students will attempt to, as mentioned above, rationalize their preparation according to what they believe the final exam will be. This is not a helpful approach. You will not know what will be on the final exam, as ACER is constantly changing its approach. Hence, seek to pace yourself appropriately, constantly revise, and spread yourself well across all three sections. I very well remember a bullishly confident student who told me that his Section II essay was brilliant, and he felt he had cracked the code of essay-writing in three short weeks. This is a class example of “gaming the GAMSAT”. In fact, his essay was full of hyperbole and factual inaccuracies, in addition to poor spelling. Had he focussed more on his research, preparation, planning, and finally on carefully editing his own work before he submitted his essay to me. In short, if he was more balanced in his approach, he would have scored much better.

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