How To Get A High GAMSAT Score

Re: How To Get A High GAMSAT Score 

how to get a high gamsat score

Well, this is probably the question which is on your mind the most consistently now. Everyone wants and needs a high GAMSAT score, and the statistics don’t lie.  Every year more and more people sit the GAMSAT. Every year marks get higher and higher. 

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Yet, there is only a limited number of places in medical and dental school which will be accessible to students.  Hence, logically, you will need to score well to get an interview, and in turn the better you score the more favourably your overall application will be received. To get an immediate sense of how you are performing I would recommend you utilize appropriate revision resources.

An excellent example would be to sit the following GAMSAT Mock Exam to practice your ability to answer questions in Section 3.

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Now time for the reality check.  Some GAMSAT candidates are a natural fit for the exam. They have very good analytical skills, possess fine logical reasoning, have a broad knowledge of science and the arts, and have been published (and hence must be good writers).

Other students are not necessarily a natural fit. They may have no real science background. English may be their second language, which can be an impediment to all three sections. They may be from a more creative arts background, and the logical rigors of the exam may present a challenge for them.

Most likely, these students represent the majority of GAMSAT students. For these students there are immense benefits to be found in preparatory courses and from private tutoring from a successful former GAMSAT candidate. These individuals and institutions will be able to identify your weaknesses, and customize courses for you which will focus on enhancing your strengths, and formulating strategies to cover your weaknesses.

Just as GAMSAT students learn more about the exam every year, so too do the individuals who create theses courses, and provide one-on-one tutoring. Just as ACER’s job is to create the toughest exam, the job of such educators it to equip you with the tools the average GAMSAT candidate will need for a high score.  

This will naturally involve a top-to-bottom education in material covered in the GAMSAT, tips to improve a student’s writing, a question bank of practice GAMSAT questions, and of course advice on how to structure your preparation in a way that will work best for you.  

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