How To Improve Section 1 GAMSAT

how to improve section 1 gamsatSo… How to improve section 1 Gamsat? Section 1 can seem like a confusing and frustrating component of the Gamsat, especially if you have been doing lots of practice questions and feel as though you are not improving. The following post aims to give you some hints and tips as to how you can improve in Section 1 of the Gamsat.

  1. Read widely

The first piece of advice we have for you if you are wanting to boost your score in Section 1 is to read whatever and whenever you can! Reading is a great way to subconsciously train your comprehension skills, especially if you regularly pause to ask yourself was it is that you have been reading (e.g. what is happening in the plot of this novel, what perspectives have been advanced in this newspaper article etc.). If you can read regularly and actively, you are well on the way to improving your comprehension skills by increasing the efficiency and accuracy of your reading. Click here to get access to our GAMSAT Reading List

  1. Focus on your weaknesses

Many Gamsat candidates often make the mistake of doing hundreds of practice questions without first evaluating whether the particular practice questions will focus on their weaknesses or not. Practice questions are excellent, but try to ensure that you are focusing on questions that you find really tricky, rather than questions that are within your comfort zone, as these are effectively a waste of your time. A good way of determining your weaknesses is to keep a list of text types and/ or question styles that you typically find difficult, and then seek out these types of questions when you do practice questions.

Hot to Improve Section 1 GAMSAT

  1. Develop a glossary of language features and techniques

A great way of getting a few extra points in Section 1 is to ensure that you have a good basic knowledge of language features and techniques (e.g. metaphor, simile, rhyme, onomatopoeia etc.), as there are usually a few extra marks in the exam for knowing a handful of language features and why/ when they are used. Simply write yourself out a glossary of language techniques, or find a simple one online. Protip: writing out an example of each language technique (or even a couple of examples) will help you to identify the techniques when you are doing practice questions.

  1. Keep doing practice questions

While it may seem repetitive and somewhat disheartening (especially if you are getting a lot of questions incorrect), try to keep doing practice questions. Even if you get them wrong, practice questions are the best way to boost your Section 1 score. It’s fine to get questions incorrect, but try to go back and understand why a particular answer is seen as being correct, and use this reasoning when answering future questions.

We hope that these suggestions help you to improve Section 1 Gamsat!

Happy studying!

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