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How To Pass GAMSAT – Learn Now!

how to pass gamsat

Let’s learn how to pass GAMSAT! The GAMSAT is never less than intimidating.  It is long, it is exhausting, it is ultra-competitive. You prepare for months and months, yet sometimes it seems things just don’t come together. Be encouraged. There are ways in which you can pass the GAMSAT. In fact this blog is all about how to pass GAMSAT.

  1. It may not work out the first time.
    Many people sit the GAMSAT multiple times. Do not be discouraged if your first effort is not your best. It is easy to fall for the trap of focusing too much on a given section at the expense of others. A successful GAMSAT effort is a balancing act, your preparation reinforcing your natural skills, and hopefully blending well with the material presented to you on the day. 
  1. Understand that your goal should be to get the highest score possible.
    A student of mine from several years ago had a 65, was a healthcare professional, and slaved over their application. They did not receive an interview. Why? The score was good, everything seemed in order for them getting an interview. You cannot make such assumptions. Rather than aiming for, let’s say, a 65 overall, be aware that such scores can go up and down year by year. You will more likely be assessed based on the percentile in which you fall. For this reason it is important to aim for the highest score possible. The secret to this is making sure you cover everything in your preparation. 
  1. Don’t get complacent.
    Another student of mine had scored in the 70s in Section III the first time they sat the exam. We worked on Section I and II extensively, but the student was adamant they did not need to do any preparation for Section III. As expected, while their Section I and II marks improved about 15 points each, their Section III mark slipped to a 58. The lesson on how to pass GAMSAT:  Don’t get complacent.
  1. Overprepare
    Another lesson I’ve learned about GAMSAT preparation is that you cannot “game” the GAMSAT. You never know what will appear, so be sure to prepare for everything. Years ago I sat a GAMSAT course with a preparatory organisation I will not name. Needless to say, it was a major one of its time. During the course we were assured there would be “5 questions on Mendel’s Laws”, “3 on Tautomerism” and so forth, none of which turned out to be accurate. Lesson, preparing for everything, not rationalising in your preparation is the way to guarantee success.

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