How to Revise for GAMSAT

How To Revise For GAMSAT

how to revise for gamsat

So.. its that time of year where people are starting to feel like GAMSAT is creeping up on them and they may need some advice on exactly how to revise for GAMSAT. No matter where you are in your GAMSAT journey, there is still time and the key is being smart about HOW you revise for the exam in these last few months! Remember the age-old saying “quality, not quantity”? Well, this holds true for GAMSAT revision! For those wanting to achieve concise, effective and targeted revision, don’t fall asleep yet! Have a read of our hot tips for revising each section of the exam.

How to revise for GAMSAT Section 1

Read, Read, Read! Practice, Practice, Practice! You can revise for this section anytime, anywhere! By reading a broad range of texts and genres, you can guarantee that you’ll be comfortable with any passage that GAMSAT throws your way! Reading on the bus, before bed and on your lunch break can not only be a leisurely break, but also exposes you to the sorts of materials that GAMSAT questions are drawn from! It also gives you the opportunity to practice reading through texts fast! A lot of people find themselves starving for time in this section, so by improving the pace at which you can digest information, you’ll be improving your chances of getting through those 75 conquerable questions! Also- READ ACTIVELY! As you read, try and identify language techniques that might crop up in the GAMSAT (such as simile, onomatopoeia, metaphor, alliteration and didactic!).It sometimes helps to make a glossary of language terms to memorize and keep an eye out for!

Follow up your reading with practice questions and before you know it you’ll be a section 1 expert!!

How to revise for GAMSAT Section 2

Section 2 can be daunting, especially for those from a science background! But have no fear! With a bit of targeted revision, you’ll be pumping out top quality essays in no time! One of the best things you can do to improve the quality of content in your essays is to be familiar with current events. Watch the news every day and construct a document with key items of interest! This way, over the weeks and months leading up to GAMSAT you will create a database of information to draw on when writing your essays. Podcasts can also provide you with interesting perspectives on global issues, fascinating stories and unique examples to make your essay stand out! Listen to podcasts and put any interesting facts you may come across in your document of information!

Practice is also important to improve your score in Section 2. We offer a free GAMSAT Quote Generator, which provides an unlimited number of sample essay questions for Section 2 of the GAMSAT.

How to revise for GAMSAT Section 3

Beginning your section 3 study can feel like your standing at the base of Everest! But it doesn’t have to! Whilst it is very important to have an overall understanding of the key areas in science, a lot of questions in section 3 are based on graphical analysis and logical deduction from information provided in the questions stimulus.  Aim to first revise key concepts in chemistry, physics and biology and then apply this knowledge to practice questions. Our GAMSAT Preparation Material contains everything you need to know for the GAMSAT with 2000+ practice questions. Focus on extracting key points from the questions, read the stimuli very carefully and use your deduction skills to reach an answer. Remember! Revise KEY concepts carefully but don’t get too bogged down learning the intricate details of EVERY topic in science, because chances are they won’t be tested on the GAMSAT and you will overlook practising GAMSAT style questions! We also offer a free GAMSAT Practice Test which contains section 3 questions.

Remember! Revising for the GAMSAT doesn’t have to be a chore! Stay positive because ultimately it is this study that you’re doing now that is going to help you to achieve your dreams of being a doctor!

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