Is It Possible To Do Well in GAMSAT Without Physics

Is It Possible To Do Well In GAMSAT Without Physics 

As the GAMSAT approaches, it is not uncommon for many students to relay that they are confident in biology or chemistry but struggle with Physics. 

Year after year, the same thing holds true for almost all GAMSAT candidates. Regardless of their background, be it a humanities degree, or one in the sciences, they are all intimidated by physics as a topic area of Section III. Technically they really should not be. So, is it actually possible to do well in the GAMSAT without Physics?

The level of difficulty which they can expect from physics questions is of a lower order than the level of complexity expected in biochemistry or organic chemistry. They can expect questions which would equate to those found in the year 12 syllabus, perhaps a few topic areas which might be found in first-year foundational physics class at university. 

Regardless of this fact students are intimidated by what they believe to be the breadth of topics they must cover for physics, as well as the concern that they will be expected to do complex calculations. These fears are unnecessary. While there is a relatively wide range of questions found in the physics portion of the GAMSAT, remember that many of them are related. Impulse relates to linear motion. Kinetic energy relates to gravitational potential energy. And so on.

Also, remember that given that you will not be allowed a calculator during the GAMSAT, none of the calculations you must do will require the use of a calculator. Here are number of topics you should learn for physics and the other topics in section 3.


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GAMSAT Section 3 Science Syllabus

  • If you do not cover physics you are making yourself vulnerable in Section III.

It is important to remember your marks are likely to be between a 55 and maybe the early 70s. There are guaranteed to be Section III questions which you will find very difficult and may not be able to answer, despite your preparation.  The easiest way to solve this problem is to prepare for physics to ensure you can put in a very solid effort on questions which are relatively easy to answer. 

  • Focus as much on studying graphs and tables as you do on theory and calculations.

GAMSAT questions for section III should only take around a minute and a half to get through. Given this, it is useful to focus on how you can use visual cues or trends to help you narrow down your number of potential answers. 

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Examples Of GAMSAT Questions For Section 3

  • Keep in mind the level of work required.

Always remember that the level of scientific knowledge expected for the physics portion is technically the most basic of all of the scientific work which will be expected of you in Section III.



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