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Last Minute GAMSAT Preparation

last minute gamsat preparation

At the end of months of preparation you are staring down your final few days before the exam.  The question raises itself:  Have I finished my prep?  Surely, you say to yourself, it is unlikely that I will learn anything fresh at this point. Last minute GAMSAT preparation is still an option, so don’t be in a huge hurry to wrap everything up. 

Last Minute GAMSAT Preparation Tip 1 – You can always engage in a quick spot of rote learning.

Certain aspects of the GAMSAT involve rote learning.  You can sit an memorise all of the rules which come along with the IUPAC naming system for instance, or remind yourself of the steps involved in the Calvin-Benson Cycle.  These areas are not too hard to master, and remember it is certainly possible that in your rush to cover all of the syllabus you may have neglected these relatively simple areas.

Last Minute GAMSAT Preparation Tip 2 – You can always brush up on your essay writing technique.

There is always room for improvement in your essay writing.  You can brush up elements such as structure, how to integrate quotes, or how to introduce evidence at any time, even days before the exam.  Here is the link for our quote generator which should give you lots of topics to write on.

GAMSAT Quote Generator –

Last Minute GAMSAT Preparation Tip 3 – A topical revision is always an option.

Even though you may no longer have the time to do detailed revision of a given topic area, don’t assume you don’t have time to go through all of the key topics of the exam on the days before.  This will certainly give you the chance to jog your memory, to isolate possible areas of weakness, to know where you are still feeling confidant and strong.

Last Minute GAMSAT Preparation Tip 4 – Biodata, Biodata, Biodata

Preparation for biodata questions is much more about practice of doing them, the skill required to interpret the information provided, than it is strictly about learning theory.  In this respect you can single out biodata units right up until the last minute to work through. 

I hope you’ve gained some valuable knowledge for your Last Minute GAMSAT Preparation.



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