minimum gamsat score for medicine
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Re: Minimum GAMSAT Score For Medicine

So you’re looking to sit the GAMSAT and you are wondering what the Minimum GAMSAT Score For Medicine is. Well, the team at acegamsat have compiled a list so you can see the Minimum GAMSAT Score For Medicine entry and then you can intelligently decide on which universities to apply for.

Find Out The Minimum GAMSAT Score For Medicine

These scores are compiled from the PagingDr forums from 2016. Keep in mind that GAMSAT entry scores change slight every year. Also remember that most universities use your GAMSAT score, GPA, and your interview score to determine whether or not to offer you a place to study medicine.

Just a quick reminded that you should always be aiming to score your highest possible score in the GAMSAT. So you should really only look at these minimum GAMSAT scores when you have sat the GAMSAT, received your results, and you are deciding which Universities to apply for.

Finally, I want to wish you the best of success in the GAMSAT. If you have any questions regarding the GAMSAT feel free to email our team at [email protected].

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