Overview of the GAMSAT Sections

The exam itself comprises of three sections.

The primary section concerns thinking in humanities and sociologies. This section will have entries from English Comprehensions, plays and ballads. These will have several questions per stimulus and it is multiple choice with four option answers. This section also consists of cartoon images and political cartoons. This first section contains 75 questions and you have 100 minutes to complete them + 10 minutes reading time at the beginning.

Section 2 is usually the most daunting section for students with a science background. You have 1 hour to write two essays (plus 5 minutes reading time). For each essay you will be given 5 quotes which cover a general idea/theme and you must respond to one or more of them. The first essay should be written in an argumentative tone, while the second should be more personal.

Section 3 is the longest section of all. It is the science section which covers Chemistry, Biology and Physics. There are 110 multiple choice questions.

Physics 20% – HSC level
Organic Chemistry 20% – 1st year university level
General Chemistry 20% – 1st year university level
Biology 40% – 1st year university level

You will have 170 minutes to complete this section and there is 10 minutes reading time at the beginning.

I hope this clears up some of the ambiguity concerning the GAMSAT.

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