Re: Section 1 GAMSAT preparation Advice

Section 1 GAMSAT preparation Advice

Let’s have a closer look at some section 1 GAMSAT preparation advice. Section 1 GAMSAT is probably the hardest section to prepare for due to its unpredictable nature. 75 MCQ in 100 minutes allow for little to no time for anybody to sift through paragraphs after paragraphs of tangled words and sentences. Furthermore, section 1 of the GAMSAT would be the most difficult section to prepare for within a short period of time.

Section 1 GAMSAT preparation is crucial! Preparation for this section is essentially about strengthening your reading and comprehension skills. The most intimidating portion of the exam for most people is reading long complicated texts and not being unable to comprehend the content fully.

Therefore the best way to get started is to improve your vocabulary. Setting weekly reading goals and consistently working through some difficult practice questions is a great starting point for section 1 GAMSAT preparation.

section 1 gamsat preparation

The selection of literacy materials is also important in your section 1 GAMSAT preparation. Pick short texts encompassing a wide range of writing styles, including plenty of poetry, classical texts, short stories, newspaper articles as well as graphic cartoons and media. Read broadly – dip into the worlds of psychology, sociology and philosophy. Practice interpreting your materials and give a general breakdown in regards to the tone, contention, characterisations and dialogues.

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Skim reading is also worth practicing especially if you are not a speedy reader. This would definitely come in handy under stress on D-Day. Practice skimming through a piece of writing under time constraint, summarise it to yourself before going back to read it a second time, comparing how much information you have missed and whether your summary encompasses the key points of the passage.

If you are not a keen reader, section 1 GAMSAT preparation may be a big challenge, however be sure to start low, go slow, and take your time. Good luck!


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