Re: Section 3 GAMSAT Preparation

Section 3 GAMSAT Preparation

section 3 gamsat preparation

Section 3 GAMSAT preparation is arguably the most tedious part of the GAMSAT preparations. Depending on whether you come from a science/biomedical background, the strategies of preparing for this section may vary.

First let us talk about those who had a complete change of heart and decided to take the GAMSAT without having prior science background. Section 3 GAMSAT preparation is going to be tough, however not impossible. Students in this position would need more time to learn concepts. It’s important to start simple. Watch introductory YouTube videos on topics tested in the GAMSAT, or even obtain some specific¬†GAMSAT science materials to ease you into the world of chemistry, physics and biology. Remember that the GAMSAT is focused on application, therefore it is not crucial that you memorise formulas, however do learn the fundamental scientific concepts and learn how to deduce information and apply it to different situations.

Students who come from a scientific background will have an advantage in their section 3 GAMSAT preparation. Sometimes all it takes is reading back on notes and content from your undergraduate lectures before all the information come flooding back into your brain. However, having a series of succinct GAMSAT study books is a lot more time efficient and effective for your section 3 GAMSAT preparation.

There are plenty of GAMSAT practice questions and materials out there, I would definitely recommend learning all content and practicing GAMSAT questions at a steady pace on a consistent basis. When encountering difficulties, look for smart strategies to eliminate options and produce educated guesses. Nobody is going to know how to do every single question on the exam, especially under time constraint. Work smart and know when to move on. 

At the end of the day, know your strengths and weaknesses. Manage your study time effectively for your section 3 GAMSAT preparation and distribute your time on the topics that are likely to arise in the GAMSAT.

You can view the common GAMSAT topics here – Common GAMSAT Topics

Do not mindlessly attempt practice questions, instead you should be deducing smart strategies and application skills that would benefit your more in the future. Check all solutions to practice questions to determine how the selected answer was chosen (even if you were correct).

Good luck with your section 3 GAMSAT preparation!


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