Study For GAMSAT In 30 Days

GAMSAT is no joke! If you’re intending to prepare for the GAMSAT in just 30 days, bearing in mind the magnitude of difficulty of the exam, then consider the following commitment as your new best friend.

30 days may seem impossible at first, but remember this means that you still have 720 hours!

And, that is A LOT! Stay positive as we go through some strategies for this intense month of study. The list below will outline what you can do in the last four weeks but you don’t have to strictly abide by it. Feel free to make alternations and make it suit your strengths and weaknesses.

Study for GAMSAT in 30 days – Week 1

• Register for the exam. I know that you may not need reminding, but some people still forget this step. If you’re planning to sit the exam in September, the registrations open on mid May and close around the 23rd of July. If you read this by the time July 23 has passed, then you still have until early August to register for the next GAMSAT (held in March). However, you’ll have to pay for an additional fee.

• We recommend that you purchase some GAMSAT test preparation books and reading materials for sections 1, 2 and 3. You have to learn how to cruise your way through section 2 as not preparing will throw you off-guard in the actual sitting. Trust me; Section 2 is not your typical university essay writing.

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• Do a diagnostic test. Try answering the some sample GAMSAT questions. In this way, you can gauge what level you’re currently in and know which section you’re weak in.

• After knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you can finally move on to making your time management chart. This step is very important since this will determine whether you’ll pass the exam (not kidding). Over preparing for one section might steal all the preparation time that you should have allotted for the other sections.

• Mentally prepare yourself for what’s coming in the next weeks.

Study for GAMSAT in 30 days – Week 2

• Aha, and so it begins. Begin revising your weakest subject based on your scores in the diagnostic test. Start reading the books which you purchased last week. Follow your time management chart!

• Fine tune your weakest section (whether this is 1, 2 or 3). How? By reading and understanding the actual GAMSAT topics that will most likely come out in the actual GAMSAT exam sitting.

• Practice answering questions (or writing essays) related to the section and do it in timed conditions. We recommend that you use our Free GAMSAT quote generator, to access our unlimited database of GAMSAT essay quotes and questions.

Study for GAMSAT in 30 days – Week 3

• Start studying for your 2nd weakest section. Learn what kind of questions (or quotes if you have section 2 as your 2nd weakest) you will be asked, methods of solving, and the amount of time that you need to answer each question.

Answer practice questions and review your incorrect answers. Remember to do this in timed conditions as well.

• If you still have ‘N’ days left before the week ends, move on to the next section (relatively the easiest section for you).

• I recommend the same steps: learn the components, answer practice questions and review your incorrect answers.

Study for GAMSAT in 30 days – Week 4

• Do a practice test containing all section 1, 2 and 3 (this can either be the diagnostic test you took before or a new one). Clear out distractions and eliminate any noise. Pretend you’re in the actual sitting.

• How was it? Did you get better scores? Evaluate yourself.

• If you think that you can still do better, then go back to where you went wrong and review it one last time.

• Lastly, eat healthy food and get lots of sleep before the actual exam sitting.

Remember: You don’t have to strictly follow all of them (except the time management chart that you made). If you can do all the GAMSAT preparation before the first week ends, then you can start revising for the three sections.

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