The UK GAMSAT will be held on the 9th of September 2015.

Registrations for the UK GAMSAT opened in late May 2015. The fee to sit GAMSAT UK 2015 is £237.50

Registrations will close at Midnight BST 31 July 2015. Late registrations will be accepted until Midnight BST 10 August 2015. A late fee of £60 in addition to the registration fee of £237.50 will be required for late registrations. No further registrations will be accepted after this date.

The UK test centres are located in Cardiff, Bristol, Birmingham, London and Sheffield.

For Candidates in Australia they will be able to sit the test at either Brisbane or Melbourne.

Candidate places at the overseas testing venues are limited and an overseas test levy of £100 applies, in addition to the registration fee.

Select the centre which would be most convenient for you. Register early as Places are limited.

Candidates who have a disability/health related disorder that might interfere with their ability to sit the test should apply for special testing conditions. This is done online via their account right after registration. All requests need to be submitted by no later than Midnight BST 10 August 2015.

After submitting the online form, candidates must also submit supporting documentation. The supporting documentation must be from a registered health practitioner and must give a clear diagnosis and information on the condition, indicate the impact of the condition in testing settings and include a statement as to what accommodations the health practitioner feels are appropriate for the candidate in testing settings.

All supporting documentation must be typed on the medical practitioner’s official letterhead and include the date and title, name, registration number, contact details, and signature of the medical practitioner. The documentation must be no more than one year old for health-related needs or disabilities other than learning disabilities, and no more than three years old for learning disabilities.

Applicants with learning disabilities should submit a copy of an appropriate educational psychologist’s report for consideration. If the report is more than three years old, it will still be accepted, as long as it is accompanied by a recent letter from a psychologist stating that the information in the report is still applicable to the candidate as they are today.

All reasonable efforts will be made to provide appropriate testing conditions for candidates’ needs.

Some examples of conditions and possible accommodations are provided below. These examples are in no way exhaustive and should be used for guidance only. As requests are assessed on a case by case basis; some allowances listed below may not be relevant to a candidate’s personal situation.

  • Diabetes: permission to take blood glucose testing kit, insulin and food/drink into the test centre
  • Hand/wrist/arm/shoulder injury: permission to mark answers in the test booklet and/or scribe provided for written section
  • Hearing loss: candidate seated at the front of the room and written instructions provided
  • Visual impairment: colour or larger print test papers provided

Last note:
Students should make sure they go through and understand all of the questions in SIII of the ACER practice papers. Some questions from the march 2015 GAMSAT exam were directly from the ACER practice material.

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