So a very common question that is asked is ‘what GAMSAT score do I need?’

what gamsat score do i need
Well, the answer is…

It all depends.

Most Universities for medicine and dentistry admission take into account both GPA and GAMSAT when decided the students that will be invited for an interview. So there is no definite answer to the question ‘what GAMSAT score do I need?’

So basically the score depends on your GPA. With a very higher GPA, a student can potentially still get into medicine/dentistry with a low GAMSAT score. But again, this all depends on the University as different Universities will have different guidelines.

Our team has put together a Minimum GAMSAT Scores PDF which shows the minimum GAMSAT students have gained acceptance with in the previous year. These scores have been created from the PagingDr forums, where students have posted their scores and the respective university that has offered them a position.

These minimum GAMSAT scores can be used as a guide to see if you are likely to be accepted into medicine or dentistry with your GAMSAT + GPA combo.

Get your minimum GAMSAT Scores here:
==> Minimum GAMSAT Scores

Students should also prepare effectively for the MMI interviews.
The MMI stands for multiple mini interviews and is used to select for entry into Australian Medical Schools. After students have sat the GAMSAT, they then receive an offer to attend an interview before they are accepted into the program.

This interview method involves several stages where students are to respond to a certain scenario (testing ethics), practical tests, and interview questions. These certain scenarios are designed to test students on a range of different levels from communication skills all the way to empathy.

Students should search in youtube ‘MMI interview questions’ to get an idea of what the process is about.

Happy Studying Everyone!


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