What Is The Highest GAMSAT Score?

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Re: What Is The Highest GAMSAT Score?

what is the highest gamsat score

This is a great topic to go over mainly to dispel myths which can develop over time. A favourite of mine is the magical student who scored 100 for Section III. I have never met such a student. I have only rarely heard of such a student.  In a given year, of the thousands who sit the exam, it is possible that such students may pop up from time to time, but not in numbers which are worth exploring.

You are extremely unlikely to score 100 is any of the sections. The exam is not designed for this. In fact, hoping for, or expecting an unrealistically high score is counter-productive. Of the hundreds of students I have tutored the absolute best scored is an 84 in Section III, and only after hundreds of hour of practice and drilling on GAMSAT questions. In short, do not go in with such expectations for yourself. It makes the most sense to concentrate on the following king of configuration of marks for yourself, in terms of highest GAMSAT score. 

Section I:  Given the most students sitting the exam come from a science background it is most likely that this will be your weakest section. Given the interpretive, arguable subjective element which can be found in some of your analysis it is best to be realistic in your assessment of what will be your “best score”.  Expect a score somewhere in the late 60s, maybe early 70s.

Section II:  Though you might not think it, this section is easier to do well in than is Section I. The secret to this understanding and applying the formula for a successful GAMSAT essay. Realistically, if you are able to understand and apply this then then you are guaranteed a score from the early 70s all the way up to the early 80s. There is naturally a subjective element in how you are assessed, and you may get lucky or unlucky with your marker. Having said that, the closer you can stick to the formula, the more likely you are to achieve a score in the maximum range.

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Section III:  Here you have a very good chance of getting a high score. Realistically a high score in this section will be between 75 and 85.  You are unlikely to have the time, the focus, the energy, to complete the section with a perfect score. If you would like to get your Free Section 3 test, then click below:

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