What To Study For GAMSAT?

What To Study For GAMSAT?

Where to begin?! So many students find themselves tearing their hair out about where to start and what to study for GAMSAT. You need to remember that the GAMSAT follows quite a predictable formula and with targeted study and practice you can be confident in your preparation and ability to Ace the exam! Here are some tips about what to study for GAMSAT and how to make the most out of your study time!

What to study for gamsat tip 1: Read and listen widely! (Section 1 and 2)

A lot of students struggle with what to study for sections 1 and 2. Unlike section 3 where there is a more ‘clear cut’ syllabus, the humanities section and essay section can feel difficult to prepare for. The best thing you can do is read, read, read! For section 1, you need to feel comfortable reading a wide variety of texts- such as poems, scientific journal extracts, narratives and cartoons. This way, when the GAMSAT comes around, you won’t be shocked by ‘left of field’ passages but will be familiar with the format! Check out our section 1 GAMSAT study package which will help you to target your study towards common texts and themes in the humanities section!

Reading widely and listening widely is also really important when it comes to studying for section 2!! By reading newspapers, listening to podcasts, watching informative shows like Lateline, Q & A and Foreign Correspondent you’ll be up to date on current affairs that you can insert as supporting evidence for just about any essay topic that comes your way! Check out our blog post on ‘GAMSAT Revision‘ and ‘Section 2 GAMSAT Essay Topics‘ to get more information on what to study for GAMSAT section 2!!

What to study for gamsat tip 2: Its not all about ‘Knowledge’ its about Reasoning! (Section 3 tips)

Its important to remember that GAMSAT is not so much a ‘knowledge’ exam but a REASONING exam! Many GAMSAT students forget this during their study preparation, especially with respect to section 3 and spend countless hours learning the intricate details of the science syllabus whilst neglecting GAMSAT style preparation.  Whilst it is important to have a clear understanding of key concepts in first year university level chemistry and biology, and high school level physics, you must understand that a lot of the content that arises in the GAMSAT, especially in section 3 will be foreign to you! Instead they will provide you with an unknown stimulus and your job is to use logical deduction and reasoning to come to an answer!! Instead of wasting time trying to learn EVERYTHING in physics, chemistry and biology, you may want to find some TARGETED section 3 study material that will focus on likely GAMSAT topics.

We offer a range of resources through our GAMSAT preparation books where you can get GAMSAT specific knowledge in general chemistry, organic chemistry, biology and physics. Once you feel like you have a key understanding of the concepts in science, you MUST practice GAMSAT style questions to improve your reasoning abilities! This will help you to tackle any question, regardless of familiarity with the content!

what to study for gamsat

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