Des O Neill GAMSAT Alternative

From: Matthew
Re: Des O Neill GAMSAT Alternative

The Des O Neill GAMSAT company has retired from creating GAMSAT preparation materials. They have created some useful GAMSAT prep books in the past. The content books were pretty average, however, the one thing that made the Des O Neill GAMSAT Books great is that the questions were very similar to the format, difficulty and complexity of the questions in the actual GAMSAT.

You will see that many other GAMSAT companies have released practice questions which¬†solely test the students’ ability to recall information rather than testing the students’ ability to use their reasoning skills to determine the answer. Students need to remember that the GAMSAT is a reasoning test, not just a knowledge test. Students must apply their knowledge to answer the reasoning based questions.

We have released our series of GAMSAT books which contain questions that are just like the questions in the real exam and our resources cover all the knowledge, tips and strategies required for success. Click below to view our selection of GAMSAT books now.

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