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gamsat essay bible

The GAMSAT Essay Guide

This is the most comprehensive section 2 GAMSAT essay guide ever released. We will cover many aspects of section 2 in this GAMSAT essay guide.

  • What is asked of me in Section II of the GAMSAT?
  • Why does section 2 of the GAMSAT exist?
  • What skills should I aim to demonstrate in Section II of the exam?
  • Where should I start with my GAMSAT preparation for section II?
  • How should I allocate my time in section II of the GAMSAT?
  • What stimuli can you expect in section II of the GAMSAT?
  • What are the two different types of GAMSAT essays?
  • How do I strategically read and interpret the quotes?
  • What is a thesis and how do I come up with one in section II of the GAMSAT?
  • and more!
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gamsat essay bible

Free GAMSAT Essay Guide