Health & Wellbeing During GAMSAT Season

Health & Wellbeing During GAMSAT Season

RE: Health & Wellbeing During GAMSAT Season 

health & wellbeing during gamsat season

As we approach the end of Semester 2, many prospective candidates are starting to think about buckling down during the holidays and preparing for the March 2019 GAMSAT. However, the need to study for the GAMSAT should not come at the expense of your physical and mental health. Rather, the key to success is maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Accordingly, here are our top tips for the upcoming months:

  • Exercise regularly: a very wise lady (named Elle Woods) once said, “exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy [and happy people don’t shoot their husbands]”. Whether it be going to the gym or hiking, it is crucial that you remain active for your physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Eat well: maintaining a balanced diet is crucial for your physical health. This will optimise your brain function whilst also protecting you from any colds or viruses.
  • Maintain your hobbies: the GAMSAT is a difficult exam that should be taken seriously. However, planning to study for 24 hours per day is unrealistic. Make time for the things that you enjoy. Consider using your hobbies as a reward for a hard day’s work.
  • Clear your mind: a small amount of stress is useful for motivating you to study. However, excessive amounts of stress will impede your progress. Manage your anxiety through exercises such as deep breathing, guided relaxation recordingsmindfulness or yoga. If you feel like you need a little more help, contact your GP or university counsellor.
  • See your family & friends: time with loved ones is crucial for helping you to unwind. Your support network are the ones that will get you through not only the GAMSAT but also medical/dental school, specialist training and life generally. See them, embrace them and love them.

Most importantly, look after your mental health. Issues including depression and anxiety are highly prevalent within the medical and dental professions. Find a regular GP that you know and trust. It is also perfectly fine to come in if you’re a little stressed and simply need somebody to talk to – plenty of patients do this!

Ultimately, our goal at AceGAMSAT is to make your GAMSAT journey less stressful and help you achieve the best possible results. Hence, we are providing you with our FREE resources which may assist your study.

To find out everything you need to know about Section II of the GAMSAT, download our Free GAMSAT Essay Bible.

Additionally, you can use our GAMSAT Essay Quote Generator to practice writing your essays.

Lastly, if you would like a free GAMSAT practice test for Section III, you can find one here: GAMSAT Practice Test Free PDF Download

Mastering Section III of the GAMSAT

Mastering Section III

Mastering Section III

mastering section III

Section III of the GAMSAT requires significant time and preparation. There is lots of material to cover whilst learning the theory is simply the beginning. However, this section can be mastered via four simple steps:

Step 1: Write good quality notes

Use our GAMSAT section 3 syllabus to get a complete list of all the topics you need to know for the GAMSAT. The trick here is to write notes that are sufficiently detailed yet not so in depth that you won’t have time to memorise all of the content. Ensure that you cover ALL of the required content. This will give you the best chance of success in the exam. If you start your preparation early, you will definitely have enough time.

Step 2: Memorise the content early

The GAMSAT requires you to apply your knowledge to complex MCQs. The earlier you start memorising the section III content, the sooner you can start doing practice questions. This approach will also provide you with sufficient time to identify and subsequently cover any gaps in your knowledge.

Step 3: Complete lots and LOTS of practice questions

All the knowledge in the world will prove useless in the GAMSAT if you are unable to apply your knowledge to the questions asked. The GAMSAT tests your scientific reasoning skills – something that must be developed and refined over time. Accordingly, it is crucial that you complete as many practice questions as possible under exam conditions.  As you approach the exam date, the bulk of your study should constitute completing MCQs rather than merely learning and relearning content.

Click here to get instant access to our free GAMSAT Practice Test for Section III.

Step 4: Learn from your mistakes

An important part of your education is learning from your mistakes. Each time you get a question wrong, go back and consider how else you could have approached the question. Look at the worked solutions and take note of where you went wrong. Try to repeat these questions at a later date to ensure that you’ve learnt from your mistakes. Overall, section III can definitely be conquered with the above approach. After all, AceGAMSAT has helped countless medical and dental students ace the exam!

Now that you have a study plan for section III, here are some additional free resources for section I and II:
Click here to download our Free GAMSAT Essay Bible PDF.

Once you have gone through our comprehensive essay guide, use the GAMSAT Essay Quote Generator to practice writing your essays.

Doing the above-mentioned steps will bring you one step closer to achieving GAMSAT success.

Common GAMSAT Preparation Mistakes

Common GAMSAT Preparation Mistakes

Re: Common GAMSAT Preparation Mistakes

common gamsat preparation mistakes

The GAMSAT is unlike any other exam that students have completed during their undergraduate studies. The focus is on analytical skills rather than the memorisation of core concepts. Further, unless you completed a combined degree in English literature and Science, it’s likely that you may need to put in a few extra hours for either sections I and II or section III. Below are the key mistakes that students often make when preparing for the GAMSAT.

Mistake 1: Starting too late

There is lots of content to learn and revise for section III. Further, you must practice applying your theoretical knowledge in MCQs. This is a skill that is developed and improved over time. The more practice you get, the faster and better you will become. Thus, start your preparation early.

If you need free GAMSAT practice test material for Section III, click the link below to access the mock exam:

GAMSAT Practice Test

Mistake 2: Ignoring sections I and II

Medicine and dentistry may be science degrees however two-thirds of the GAMSAT is clearly not science. Regardless of how high you score in section III, your overall score will likely suffer if you do not perform well in the humanities sections. Thus, put just as much effort, if not more, into sections I and II.

To master Section II of the GAMSAT, download our free GAMSAT Essay Bible PDF:

Download Here – Free GAMSAT Essay Bible

Once you understand the theory behind writing superior essays, use our free GAMSAT Essay Quote Generator to practice writing your essays, as this is the best way to improve your score for Section II.

Mistake 3: Not studying physics

Competition for medicine and dentistry is tough. One or a few marks in the GAMSAT may be the difference between being awarded a spot vs. completely missing out. These difficult areas are what separates the best from the rest. Maximise your chances of success by studying all of the topics covered in the exam – including physics. To check the minimum GAMSAT cut off scores, click below:

Minimum GAMSAT Scores

Thankfully, whilst the GAMSAT may seem daunting, all of these common mistakes are easily avoidable. With the use of AceGAMSAT’s prep resources, you can build a solid study plan and master all three sections of the exam to secure your spot in medicine or dentistry!

The Fastest Way To Improve Your GAMSAT Score

The Fastest Way To Improve Your GAMSAT Score

Re:The Fastest Way To Improve Your GAMSAT Score

the fastest way to improve your gamsat score

Every person at medical or dental school has a different story. It is not uncommon for there to be students who sat the GAMSAT multiple times before successfully gaining entry. Thus, do not despair if your first few attempts did not land you an interview or position. Here are our top tips for improving your GAMSAT score:

Tip 1: learn from your experiences

Every time you sit the GAMSAT, you gain a wealth of knowledge regarding the style of questions that ACER likes to use. Each sitting also enables you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Whether it be time management or developing better essay plans, reflect upon what you did well plus the things that can be improved upon.

Tip 2: set strict yet realistic goals

Let’s be honest, you probably won’t revise the entire physics curriculum every day. However, it may be possible for you to complete 30 MCQs or write one essay per day. Some candidates sit the GAMSAT whilst completing their undergraduate degree whilst others are working full time. Set goals that are realistic for you and don’t compare yourself to others. Achieving these goals will also provide you with a sense of satisfaction that will further motivate you in your studies.

Practice, Practice, Practice!!

A great place to start is by downloading our Free Mock Exam.

Download Free GAMSAT Practice Test

Tip 3: read the news

This is possibly the easiest way to improve your section I and II scores. By regularly reading texts – any texts – you will learn to read faster and improve your ability to analyse information. Reading the news has the additional advantage of providing you with plenty of ideas and content relating to current affairs, which you can utilise in your section II essays.

Tip 4: complete practice MCQs and papers

The GAMSAT is about reasoning rather than memorisation. It is not enough to simply know your scientific concepts and formulas. Put your knowledge to the test and complete as many MCQs and practice papers as you can. This will enable you to practice and further develop your analytical skills over time.

If you’re looking for a complete home study course, then feel free to check out our range of GAMSAT Products.

Easy Way To Study For The GAMSAT

Easy Way To Study For The GAMSAT

easy way to study for the gamsat

Re: Easy Way To Study For The GAMSAT

It’s no secret that the GAMSAT is a long and difficult exam. To provide yourself with the best chance of gaining entry into medicine or dentistry, there are a few simple rules that you should abide by. 

Firstly, start early and plan your study. We recommend that candidates start preparing at least 60 days prior to the exam. Utilise our list of section III topics and plan out when you will learn (and revise) each topic. This is an easy way to study for the GAMSAT, as it will ensure that you cover all of the requisite areas – including physics. 

Secondly, read what interests you. Some candidates mistakenly believe that the only way to study for sections I and II is to read The Economist and Charles Dickens novels. However, this simply is not true. Whilst knowledge regarding a variety of areas is important, an easy way to study for the GAMSAT is to read up on topics that interest you whether that be global warming, feminism or human rights. You will be better at retaining information regarding issues that you are passionate about. Thereafter, you should try to incorporate your newly gained knowledge into essays. 

Thirdly, practice studying under exam conditions. The GAMSAT is an arduous 5-hour exam with the most heavily weighted section at the end. The best candidates are those that are able to maintain a high level of concentration throughout the exam. Consequently, it is important to study from professional GAMSAT prep material and complete practice questions under mock exam conditions to accustom your brain to working consistently for multiple hours.

Finally, learn to balance study with your other life commitments. Behind every great doctor is a supportive network of family and friends. Medicine is a long journey and the ones that thrive are those that invest in their personal lives whether it be through spending time with family, having dinner with friends or even committing to a solo hike. Nobody can study all day so have some fun along the way – that is the easy way to study for the GAMSAT!

If you’re still looking for GAMSAT prep material to help you with your preparation, then feel free to check out our entire range of GAMSAT study material.

If you’re looking for free section3 questions, then download our Free Sample GAMSAT Mock Exam


GAMSAT Section 3 Strategies

GAMSAT Section 3 Strategies

From: Kim
Re: GAMSAT Section 3 Strategies

gamsat section 3 strategies

1. Start early

It’s no secret that there is lots of content to cover. This section cannot be crammed. Start early to ensure that you gain a strong grasp of the core concepts.

2. Plan your study

Create a study calendar and evenly allocate the different topics across the time period over which you are studying for the GAMSAT. This will ensure that you cover all the necessary content.

3. Learn physics

It will definitely be in the exam. Competition for medicine and dentistry is tough. You can’t afford to waste marks. At minimum, learn the basic concepts to give yourself a chance of deducing the correct answer. You can attempt some free GAMSAT questions with our GAMSAT Sample Test.

Download Free Sample Test

4. Be creative

We’re no longer living in the dark ages. Textbooks aren’t the only way to learn. Whether it be study groups or (educational) YouTube videos, figure out how you learn best and don’t worry about what your peers are doing.

5. Be analytical

The GAMSAT tests your reasoning skills rather than your ability to memorise. Use the question stem and your own knowledge to deduce the answer to each question. Always ask yourself why an answer is or isn’t correct.

6. Practice, practice, practice

The GAMSAT is unlike any undergraduate science exam. By completing practice papers, you will familiarise yourself with the GAMSAT’s unique question style and strengthen your reasoning skills over time.

7. Time management

Each question is worth the same amount of marks. Ensure that you are allocating your time wisely to ensure that you finish the whole paper. For all you know, questions 100-110 might be really easy.

8. Don’t forget sections 1 and 2

Section 3 may be double weighted but sections 1 and 2 still constitute half of your mark. Place equal focus on all three sections to maximise your GAMSAT score. This is particularly relevant, as some schools have now moved towards placing equal weight upon the three sections.

For more advice and help, feel free to check out our complete GAMSAT study courses below:

what are the best gamsat books to study from

GAMSAT Section 1 Strategies

GAMSAT Section 1 Strategies

From: Kim
Re: GAMSAT Section 1 Strategies 

gamsat section 1 strategies

1. Start early

For many candidates, this will be the first English literature exam that they’ve done since high school. Text interpretation is a skill that must be developed over time. Don’t leave it till the week before the GAMSAT.

2. Read widely

The GAMSAT likes to draw from texts ranging from comics and poems to book extracts. Familiarise yourself with these different types of texts so that your ability to read and interpret them improves over time. Also ensure that you are reading a mixture of fiction and non-fiction texts.

3. Learn the basics

If the words simile, metaphor, allusion or diction mean absolutely nothing to you, it’s time to brush up on the basics of language and literary devices. This will enable you to recognise when these language techniques are being used and appreciate their impacts upon the text.

Want some free GAMSAT Section 1 Sample Questions? 

Free Access To Section 1 GAMSAT Sample Questions – Download Now!

4. Read with purpose

Every time you read a text whether it be a Charles Dickens classic or the local newspaper, analyse what’s in front of you. Consider, who wrote the text? What information is being conveyed and why? How does the text make you feel? Who is the target audience? Capitalise on these everyday opportunities to improve your analytical skills.

5. Build your vocabulary

The benefits of an extensive vocabulary are twofold: it will enable you to better appreciate the meaning of a text and assist you in ruling out incorrect answers. A fantastic way to build your vocabulary is to read lots of fiction, as these texts are more likely to employ flowery language. As an added bonus, a large vocabulary will also benefit you in section 2 of the GAMSAT.

if you’re struggling with Section 1 feel free to check out our post below:

How To Improve Section 1 Of The GAMSAT

6. Learn to read quickly

In the GAMSAT, time is of the essence. Learn to quickly yet efficiently scan a text to find the information that you need. This requires practice: the more you read, the faster you will become.

On a final note, if you would like to find out the minimum GAMSAT scores required for entry into all Universities then click below:

Download Our Minimum GAMSAT Cut Off Scores

Which Universities Require The GAMSAT

Which Universities Require The GAMSAT

Re: Which Universities Require The GAMSAT?

which universities require the gamsat

If you are are looking to find out which universities require the GAMSAT, then you’ve came to the right place. If you’re a tertiary student hoping to receive entry into a medical degree you will need to take the GAMSAT. The following universities offer graduate places to successful GAMSAT candidates:

Before we begin, you can download our free Minimum GAMSAT Scores PDF below – Click below!

What Are The Minimum GAMSAT Cut Off Scores? – Click Here To Find Out!


The Australian National University
Flinders University
Deakin University
Griffith University
Macquarie University
The University of Queensland
The University of Melbourne
The University of Notre Dame (Fremantle)
The University of Notre Dame (Sydney)
The University of Sydney
The University of Western Australia
The University of Wollongong


Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
University College Cork
University College Dublin
University of Limerick

United Kingdom

Cardiff University
Keele University
Plymouth University
University of Exeter
University of Liverpool
St George’s University of London
Swansea University
The University of Nottingham

In addition to this there are universities which accept the GAMSAT in Singapore and Poland. While you may not wish to travel beyond the borders of Australia for your medical education it is worth mentioning that a number of my former students have taken up medical degrees in the United Kingdom and Ireland. They have reported back to me that they are enjoying their studies.   

These listed medical schools will be the universities which will accept GAMSAT candidates. It is well worth researching their facilities, programs, alumni and staff to get a sense where you feel you may want to end up.

Also, try to discover which are the schools most likely to accept applicants. Traditionally, Melbourne University is highly selective. In contrast, the University of Queensland and the University of Notre Dame tend to accept a wider range of applicants. Doing the research now, including into whether you believe an overseas place might be a good fit for you, will make things much easier in terms of your decision-making when your results eventually come out. 

Free Section 3 GAMSAT Mock Exam – Click Below! 

Download Our Section III GAMSAT Practice Exam Now! 

Is My GAMSAT Score Good Enough

Is My GAMSAT Score Good Enough?

From: Lindsay
Re: Is My GAMSAT Score Good Enough?

is my gamsat score good enough

It is often pointed out by GAMSAT candidates that it is hard to know how to interpret GAMSAT scores.  First of all, as you should no doubt know from other posts, the exam breaks down in the following fashion:

Section  I:  75 Questions in 100 minutes, 25% of your mark

Section II:  Two essays in one hour, 25% of your mark

Section III:  110 questions in 170 minutes, 50% of your mark

Want to know the Minimum GAMSAT Scores? – Click below to find out:

Download Our Free PDF With Minimum GAMSAT Scores

Before we answer the questions ‘Is my GAMSAT score good enough’, we need to start with the basics. It is necessary to score a mark of above 50 in each of the sections. What this means is that you cannot hope to depend on any particular section to save the day. If you score well in two of the sections, but abysmally in the third, it will mean you are ineligible for an interview, or for a medical / dental place.

So, remember, it is about overall success, not your weighted score, or a strong result in Section III for instance.  This last example is a classic mistake. First of all, it is possible that your plan of scoring very well in Section III, may go awry. The configuration of topics may not be what you expect after all.

Similarly, it is possible that the level of difficulty found in the questions may exceed your expectations.

Finally, even if you score well in Section III, if you score below the minimum for the other two sections your application will be effectively invalidated. So, the big lesson is to remember to try to score well across the board.

Would you like preparation tips for Section III of the GAMSAT?

Click Here Now To Access Our GAMSAT Section 3 Preparation Tips!

There are number of pieces of advice to follow in terms of looking at your scores:

1. An offer is based on what percentile your mark falls in.

When I sat the GAMSAT, in the early 2000s, a successful applicant to the University of Melbourne Medical School could have a score as low as a 63. This was based on the fact that fewer people sat the exam at that time, and that scores were generally lower. Now more people sit, and thanks to more resources being available for students, scores are higher.  You want to score as high as possible given that the average score continues to climb. 

2. Score above a 65 overall.

Even though it is hard to estimate what would place you in the higher percentiles, and hence achieve an interview offer, it is important to remember that scoring a 65 or below is very unlikely to get you an interview. Where once a 60 would have been sufficient, a 65 should be your absolute minimum overall score.

Would you like to know how many people pass the GAMSAT?

Click Here Now To Find Out The GAMSAT Success Rate!

Is It Possible To Do Well In GAMSAT Without Physics 

Is It Possible To Do Well in GAMSAT Without Physics

Re: Is It Possible To Do Well In GAMSAT Without Physics?

Is It Possible To Do Well In GAMSAT Without Physics 

Year after year, the same thing holds true for almost all GAMSAT candidates. Regardless of their background, be it a humanities degree, or one in the sciences, they are all intimidated by physics as a topic area of Section III. Technically they really should not be. So, is it actually possible to do well in the GAMSAT without Physics?

The level of difficulty which they can expect from physics questions is of a lower order than the level of complexity expected in biochemistry or organic chemistry. They can expect questions which would equate to those found in the year 12 syllabus, perhaps a few topic areas which might be found in first-year foundational physics class at university. 

Regardless of this fact students are intimidated by what they believe to be the breadth of topics they must cover for physics, as well as the concern that they will be expected to do complex calculations. These fears are unnecessary. While there is a relatively wide range of questions found in the physics portion of the GAMSAT, remember that many of them are related. Impulse relates to linear motion. Kinetic energy relates to gravitational potential energy. And so on.

Also, remember that given that you will not be allowed a calculator during the GAMSAT, none of the calculations you must do will require the use of a calculator. Here are number of topics you should learn for physics and the other topics in section 3.

Find out the entire GAMSAT Science SyllabusClick below to access now

GAMSAT Section 3 Science Syllabus

  • If you do not cover physics you are making yourself vulnerable in Section III.

It is important to remember your marks are likely to be between a 55 and maybe the early 70s. There are guaranteed to be Section III questions which you will find very difficult and may not be able to answer, despite your preparation.  The easiest way to solve this problem is to prepare for physics to ensure you can put in a very solid effort on questions which are relatively easy to answer. 

  • Focus as much on studying graphs and tables as you do on theory and calculations.

GAMSAT questions for section III should only take around a minute and a half to get through. Given this, it is useful to focus on how you can use visual cues or trends to help you narrow down your number of potential answers. 

Want to make the most of your GAMSAT Section 3 study? Our GAMSAT Home Study Course gives you everything you need to succeed.

Examples Of GAMSAT Questions For Section 3

  • Keep in mind the level of work required.

Always remember that the level of scientific knowledge expected for the physics portion is technically the most basic of all of the scientific work which will be expected of you in Section III.