Mastering Section III

Mastering Section III

mastering section III

Section III of the GAMSAT requires significant time and preparation. There is lots of material to cover whilst learning the theory is simply the beginning. However, this section can be mastered via four simple steps:

Step 1: Write good quality notes

Use our GAMSAT section 3 syllabus to get a complete list of all the topics you need to know for the GAMSAT. The trick here is to write notes that are sufficiently detailed yet not so in depth that you won’t have time to memorise all of the content. Ensure that you cover ALL of the required content. This will give you the best chance of success in the exam. If you start your preparation early, you will definitely have enough time.

Step 2: Memorise the content early

The GAMSAT requires you to apply your knowledge to complex MCQs. The earlier you start memorising the section III content, the sooner you can start doing practice questions. This approach will also provide you with sufficient time to identify and subsequently cover any gaps in your knowledge.

Step 3: Complete lots and LOTS of practice questions

All the knowledge in the world will prove useless in the GAMSAT if you are unable to apply your knowledge to the questions asked. The GAMSAT tests your scientific reasoning skills – something that must be developed and refined over time. Accordingly, it is crucial that you complete as many practice questions as possible under exam conditions.  As you approach the exam date, the bulk of your study should constitute completing MCQs rather than merely learning and relearning content.

Click here to get instant access to our free GAMSAT Practice Test for Section III.

Step 4: Learn from your mistakes

An important part of your education is learning from your mistakes. Each time you get a question wrong, go back and consider how else you could have approached the question. Look at the worked solutions and take note of where you went wrong. Try to repeat these questions at a later date to ensure that you’ve learnt from your mistakes. Overall, section III can definitely be conquered with the above approach. After all, AceGAMSAT has helped countless medical and dental students ace the exam!

Now that you have a study plan for section III, here are some additional free resources for section I and II:
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Once you have gone through our comprehensive essay guide, use the GAMSAT Essay Quote Generator to practice writing your essays.

Doing the above-mentioned steps will bring you one step closer to achieving GAMSAT success.

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