GAMSAT 2018 September

Re: GAMSAT 2018 September

The GAMSAT 2018 September sitting will take place on the 12th of September 2018 (Wednesday). Students must register for the GAMSAT before mid may 2018. After you register, be sure to download your free GAMSAT Practice Test today with PDF downloads and free GAMSAT essay book.

Click the link below to see the GAMSAT test centres:

So, how much does it cost to sit the GAMSAT 2018 September?

Well, in Australia it costs $505 to sit the GAMSAT, €335 in Ireland and £262 in the UK.

The fastest way to improve your section 3 GAMSAT ability is by learning all the content for section 3 and then practising 1000’s of GAMSAT practice questions.

Free Mock Exam For GAMSAT 2018 September

gamsat 2018 september

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