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Re: GAMSAT Section 1 Questions

This post contains gamsat section 1 questions which are similar to the questions in section 1 of the actual exam. It is recommended that students complete these questions under timed conditions. Students should allow 7 minutes to complete all questions.

GAMSAT Section 1 Questions

Questions 1-5

Read and evaluate Virginia Woolf’s short story “Green and Blue.” Pay particular attention to the narrative’s imagery.


The pointed fingers of glass hang downwards. The light slides down the glass, and drops a pool of green. All day long the ten fingers of the lustre drop green upon the marble. The feathers of parakeets their harsh cries­sharp blades of palm trees green, too; green needles glittering in the sun. But the hard glass drips on to the marble; the pools hover above the desert sand; the camels lurch through them; the pools settle on the marble; rushes edge them; weeds clog them; here and there a white blossom; the frog flops over; at night the stars are set there unbroken. Evening comes, and the shadow sweeps the green over the mantelpiece; the ruffled surface of ocean. No ships come; the aimless waves sway beneath the empty sky. It’s night; the needles drip blots of blue. The green’s out.


The snub-nosed monster rises to the surface and spouts through his blunt nostrils two columns of water, which, fiery-white in the centre, spray off into a fringe of blue beads. Strokes of blue line the black tarpaulin of his hide. Slushing the water through mouth and nostrils he sings, heavy with water, and the blue closes over him dowsing the polished pebbles of his eyes. Thrown upon the beach he lies, blunt, obtuse, shedding dry blue scales. Their metallic blue stains the rusty iron on the beach. Blue are the ribs of the wrecked rowing boat. A wave rolls beneath the blue bells. But the cathedral’s different, cold, incense laden, faint blue with the veils of madonnas.

1. The most noticeable thing absent from both narratives is paradoxically:
A. a sense of place
B. a well-defined narrator
C. a sense of theme
D. a tonal feeling

2. The main images in Green emanate from:
A. marble
B. parakeets
C. the ocean
D. a chandelier

3. The main images in Blue emanate
A. from a fish
B. from the ocean
C. the sky’s reflection
D. a boat on the beach  

4. The best way to describe both narratives is
A. image painting
B. abstract expression
C. surrealism
D. concrete poetry

5. The main theme of both narratives is:
A. transformation
B. how colour takes form
C. the metamorphosis of shape
D. contrasts of colours

gamsat section 1 questions

Answers to GAMSAT Section 1 Questions

1. Correct answer: B. In both narratives there is certainly a sense of place and theme, as well as a feeling of tone, the images are predominant as almost being poetic. We are never really given a sense of voice or narrator (B) within the passages.

2. Correct Answer: D. One must infer from the first sentence that “the fingers” are pointing down from a chandelier. A & B are both mentioned, yet secondary. C can be ruled out very easily.

3. Correct Answer: A. While all B, C, & D are included or implied. A close reading indicates some sort of fish as the dominant origin of the images. 

4. Correct Answer: A – image painting. While there are elements of B & C these would not be the best to describe the narratives. D can be ruled out very quickly.

5. Correct Answer: B – how colour takes form. A, C, & D are all themes, but none are the main theme and inclusive under B.


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