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In this post we will cover the best methods for GAMSAT section 3 preparation. First we will go over a quick outline of section 3 of the GAMSAT.

GAMSAT section 3 is the longest section of the exam. It consists of 110 multiple choice answers in which students are given 170 minutes to complete. These 110 questions have 4 options – so A, B, C, and D.

So you may be thinking, what should should I do for GAMSAT section 3 preparation? Well, firstly you should know that section 3 is the ‘science’ section. It is formally called ‘Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences’.

GAMSAT Section 3 Preparation
The 4 Science Disciplines

This section consists of 4 different sciences:

  • Biology (40%)
  • Organic Chemistry (20%)
  • General Chemistry (20%)
  • Physics (20%)

The Golden Rule
For GAMSAT Section 3 Preparation

The Golden Rule to remember is that the GAMSAT is not a memorisation test – it is a reasoning test. In other words, ACER (the people who run the GAMSAT) will not directly ask questions that require you to simply recall information. Instead, you will be asked questions that are reasoning based. So you will need to use your knowledge of the four sciences and your reasoning skills to determine the correct answer.

Many students ask…

‘What are the GAMSAT Section 3 Preparation Requirements?’

Well, students should know all first year university general chemistry, organic chemistry, and biology; and students should know up to year 12/A level physics.

All the requirements for science are covered to the required depth for the GAMSAT in our GAMSAT Preparation Package.

With our package you will learn everything you need to know for all the sciences, as well as the most valuable proven strategies and techniques for all three sections of the GAMSAT. You will also get access to over 260 practice questions that you can use to enhance your skills.

You can get your GAMSAT Section 3 Preparation material by clicking below!

GAMSAT Section 3 Preparation Material
(Plus S1 and S2)

gamsat section 3 preparation

Remember that it is very important to practice sample GAMSAT questions to further enhance your GAMSAT skills. Do not just learn the content – you NEED to apply it. Attempting practice questions is the FASTEST way to improve your GAMSAT score. If you would like a FREE GAMSAT section 3 preparation test then click below to download the AceGAMSAT Section 3 Preparation Mock Exam.

gamsat preparation material pdf

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