Re: GAMSAT Success Rate

GAMSAT Success Rate

First, let’s define ‘GAMSAT Success Rate’. This can be seen as the percentage of people that score a total score of 50 and above in the exam, or it can be seen as the percentage of people that get into a medical/dental degree.

GAMSAT Success Rate Definition 1 – Percentage of people that score 50 and above

According to the graph below (released by ACER) approximately 80% of people that sit the exam receive a total score of 50 and above.

gamsat success rate

GAMSAT Success Rate Definition 2 – Percentage of people that receive a letter of acceptance

However, just because you ‘passed’ the GAMSAT exam doesn’t mean that you will be accepted into a medical/dental degree. A score of 60 and above is usually the minimum to be accepted into a medical/dental degree, with the average score being 65 for Medicine and slightly less for Dentistry.

Let’s assume the average score for entry to be 63. According to the above graph, this would put someone in the 82nd percentile. This means they scored in the top 18 percent of students.

An approximate gamsat success rate would be that 15-20% of people that sit exam receive an offer to study postgraduate Dentistry / Medicine. This equates to a FAILURE rate of approximately 80-85%.

This is only an approximate though. This differs based on your current GPA, the University you are applying for, and how you perform in the interview. To get a better idea of the cut-off for each University you can view our Minimum GAMSAT Scores.

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