Re: Steps To Become A Doctor In Australia?

Steps To Become A Doctor In Australia

Do you want to know the steps to become a doctor in Australia? We have created the perfect preparation plan for becoming a Doctor in Australia, allowing hundreds of students to achieve their medical dreams.

This preparation plan involves 3 steps:

  1. Finish any 3+ year bachelor degree at any University (with high standing)
  2. Register and sit the GAMSAT exam
  3. Pass the medical mini interviews

Let’s overview some commonly asked GAMSAT-related questions:

What is the GAMSAT?
GAMSAT is developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) in conjunction with the Consortium of Graduate Medical Schools to assist in the selection of students to participate in the graduate-entry programs in Australia, Ireland and the UK. It is designed to assess the capacity to undertake high-level intellectual studies in the medical and health professional programs.

What is AceGAMSAT? We are an education provided of GAMSAT Preparation Material. We are the number one providers and have helped thousands of students achieve success in the GAMSAT. Our material has been created by the highest skilled GAMSAT specialists with years and years of experience with the GAMSAT.

When should I begin my preparation?
The GAMSAT is a tough 5.5 hour exam. We advise that students begin their preparation as soon as possible. Approximately 70-80% of students that sit the GAMSAT exam are not accepted into their medical degrees. As a result, students will then need to wait another year to apply again.

When is the GAMSAT offered?
The GAMSAT test is offered twice a year, in March and September.

Where do I register and get more information?
Visit ACER are the company that runs the GAMSAT.

Feel free to checkout out post for a range of GAMSAT Tips for each section.

steps to become a doctor in australia