The Fastest Way To Improve Your GAMSAT Score

Re:The Fastest Way To Improve Your GAMSAT Score

the fastest way to improve your gamsat score

Every person at medical or dental school has a different story, right from their very first question of ” What is GAMSAT “. It is not uncommon for there to be students who sat the GAMSAT Test multiple times before successfully gaining entry. Thus, do not despair if your first few attempts did not land you an interview or position. Here are our top tips for improving your GAMSAT score:

Tip 1: learn from your experiences

Every time you sit the GAMSAT, you gain a wealth of knowledge regarding the style of questions that ACER likes to use. Each sitting also enables you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Whether it be time management or developing better essay plans, reflect upon what you did well plus the things that can be improved upon.

Tip 2: set strict yet realistic goals

Let’s be honest, you probably won’t revise the entire physics curriculum every day. However, it may be possible for you to complete 30 MCQs or write one essay per day. Some candidates sit the GAMSAT whilst completing their undergraduate degree whilst others are working full time. Set goals that are realistic for you and don’t compare yourself to others. Achieving these goals will also provide you with a sense of satisfaction that will further motivate you in your studies.

Practice, Practice, Practice!!

A great place to start is by downloading our Free Mock Exam.

Download Free GAMSAT Practice Test

Tip 3: read the news

This is possibly the easiest way to improve your section I and II scores. By regularly reading texts – any texts – you will learn to read faster and improve your ability to analyse information. Reading the news has the additional advantage of providing you with plenty of ideas and content relating to current affairs, which you can utilise in your section II essays.

Tip 4: complete practice MCQs and papers

The GAMSAT is about reasoning rather than memorisation. It is not enough to simply know your scientific concepts and formulas. Put your knowledge to the test and complete as many MCQs and practice papers as you can. This will enable you to practice and further develop your analytical skills over time.

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Some More Free GAMSAT Tips On How To Pass The Fastest Way Possible

Use Strategic Study Techniques:

  • Use active learning tactics such as spaced repetition, which involves reviewing content at increasing intervals, to improve memory recall.
  • Implement the Feynman Technique, which entails explaining an idea to someone else in simple terms to ensure complete comprehension.

Focus on Weaknesses:

  • Identify your weaker areas in each GAMSAT part and set aside more study time to address them methodically.
  • Use diagnostic tests or practice exams to identify areas for improvement in certain topics or question patterns.

Seek Feedback and Guidance.

  • Seek comments on your essays and practice questions from peers, instructors, or online forums to gain new views and find areas for growth.
  • Consider taking a structured GAMSAT preparation course or consulting with experienced mentors who can offer personalised advice and support.

Improve critical thinking skills:

  • Engage in critical thinking activities such as puzzle solving, debate participation, and case study analysis relating to medical or scientific themes.
  • Learn to distinguish between important and irrelevant information to increase your ability to make educated decisions under time restrictions during the exam.

Develop effective time management strategies:

  • To sustain momentum and discipline, set aside defined time blocks for GAMSAT preparation each day and follow a consistent study regimen.
  • Use time-tracking strategies, such as the Pomodoro Technique, to increase productivity and reduce distractions during studying sessions.

Stay Current with Exam Changes:

  • Stay up to date on any modifications or changes to the GAMSAT structure, content, or scoring criteria to ensure your preparation meets the current exam standards.
  • Review official practice resources and former exam papers on a regular basis to stay current on question distribution trends and patterns.

Mindfulness and Stress Management:

  • Incorporate mindfulness exercises, relaxation techniques, or stress-relieving activities into your everyday routine to reduce exam anxiety and improve focus during studying sessions.
  • To preserve general well-being and improve cognitive performance, prioritise self-care behaviours such as proper sleep, appropriate nutrition, and frequent exercise.

Participate in collaborative learning:

  • Form study groups or participate in online forums to collaborate with peers, share materials, and exchange GAMSAT preparation ideas.
  • Participate in peer-to-peer teaching sessions or group discussions to reinforce learning and obtain new insights on complex topics.


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