Tips For GAMSAT Exam Day
Re: Tips for GAMSAT Exam Day

  • Bring a jumper just in case.  Even if it’s 30 degrees plus outside, the air-conditioning can be very cold.
  • Moderate amounts of caffeine can boost cognitive performance, meaning 2-3 cups at most on GAMSAT morning.
  • Get enough sleep!  Sleep at least 8 hours the night before the GAMSAT.
  • Do not bring any study notes to the exam. This will only cause stress. Simply relax before the exam.
  • Arrive early – nothing is more stressful than worrying about being on time.
  • Remember your pencils and invest in a good pen for section 2 (this is very important)
  • Pack a nice morning tea and good lunch so you have something to look forward to. Include lots of low GI food for long-lasting energy. Good examples are: Chicken and salad sandwich on multigrain bread, yogurt, fruit and tuna.
  • DO NOT nap in the afternoon in the weeks/days leading up to the exam. It is not good for your body to expect a nap at 3 in the afternoon – because you will be doing S3 at this time.
  • Bring water in a clear bottle (label removed).
    There are also a range of prohibited items that cannot be brought into the GAMSAT Exam. These include a pencil case, notes, colouring pencils, highlighters, scissors, rulers, stopwatches, any kind of books, recording devices (both visual and audio), mobile phone, music players, earphones, and personal clocks.If students are found in possession of any of these items there may be severe consequences. Being found with any of these items is against the rules and students may be disqualified from the GAMSAT examination.On a final note. Stay positive and be confident. Having a positive mindset when approaching the exam can make a big difference in your performance on the day of the GAMSAT exam.

Last of all… If you would like a free section 3 gamsat mock exam then click below to download:

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