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Re: GAMSAT Score For Medicine

Students are required to have a valid GAMSAT score (all scores are valid for two years) to apply for entry to graduate entry medical (and dental) schools in Australia, Ireland, and the UK. There are some universities in Poland, Samoa, and Cyprus that also require students to have a valid GAMSAT score.

Students can sit the GAMSAT exam in either March or September. The format of these exams are identical, however, the test questions will vary.

Many students contact us and ask “What is the minimum gamsat score for medicine entry?” and our reply is always… “It depends!”

Most universities take into consideration your GAMSAT score, GPA, and interview score. We have compiled a list showing the minimum gamsat score for medicine entry for a range of universities. These are ‘combination’ scores, which have been taken from the Paging Dr student submissions.

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How is the GAMSAT scored ?

Firstly, it is important to know that GAMSAT scores are mapped onto a scale from 0-100 (with a higher number indicating a higher GAMSAT score). According to the statistics, over 95% of students receive a scaled GAMSAT score from 40-80.

The GAMSAT scores are based on a statistical adjustment which is called the Item Response Theory (IRT). This ensures that GAMSAT scores are comparable from year to year. The score you receive in the GAMSAT is your scaled score. So, it is not your actual percentage performance in the exam / raw score.

Your overall GAMSAT score is calculated by using the following formula:

Note: The science section (section III) has twice as much weighting than each of the other sections. This means that Section III is responsible for 50% of your overall mark. However, some universities treat section III with the same weighting as each of the other two sections (I and II). These universities are the University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne.

Section One:  75 Questions in 100 minutes, 25% of your mark

Section Two:  Two essays in one hour, 25% of your mark

Section Three:  110 questions in 170 minutes, 50% of your mark

An offer is based on what percentile your mark falls in
Score above a 65 overall.

Even though it is hard to estimate what would place you in the higher percentiles, and hence achieve an interview offer, it is important to remember that scoring a 65 or below is very unlikely to get you an interview for medicine.  Where once a 60 would have been sufficient at 65 should be your absolute minimum overall score. Note that scores are slightly lower for entry into medicine. A solid section two score is in the 70s.Do not score below a 60 for section one. Score above a 65 for section three.