Re: GAMSAT Preparation Notes

Preparation is highly individual.  What works for one person will not work for another.  It is important to, as much as you research topics and practice questions, also try to figure out what resources you respond to the best. The following are tips on how you can best engage with the preparation materials you have been provided with. 

So, you have your GAMSAT preparation notes and materials, most likely purchased from a GAMSAT prep company. We will now cover some strategies that will help you manage your GAMSAT preparation notes.

gamsat preparation notes

Break your GAMSAT preparation notes down to one topic for each of the sciences per day.
There is a huge amount of material you will be needing to get through.  To make sure you absorb each topic area it makes sense to break down your study schedule such that you are dealing with one topic for each of the sciences per day.  They say “a change is as good as a holiday” and it is true.  Introducing this level of variety will ensure you do not get bogged down in a particular topic area which is especially challenging.  There is plenty of minutiae in the GAMSAT which can result in an inefficient use of time.  Stick with the formula recommended.

Cross-Reference whenever possible.
The material you are given in the preparation notes may easily make sense to you or it may not.  Too frequently students will reject materials if they seem challenging or not immediately understandable.  This is a fundamental waste of the materials.  There is always useful information which can be gleaned from any material you a provided with.  Even if you do not respond to it know that you can still find out areas which require more information, more context, or simply are presented in a different manner. In such instances use the GAMSAT preparation notes as a point in which you can “jump off” as you seek out more material from other online resources. 

Forge connections using the GAMSAT Preparation notes
The benefit of the notes is that they provide, in a single location, all of the material you might need, all of the key knowledge you require.  This makes your own note-taking and the organisation of your preparation all the more easy.  While cross-referencing with other material is always an option, first it is best make the most of the inter-referencing which is possible with the preparation notes.

Most of all, it is extremely important to practise! Once you have learnt all of the content for Section 3, you need to practise as many questions as possible. We have a free gamsat practice test, which contains practice questions for Section 3. We also offer a range of GAMSAT preparation books, which contain 1000’s of practice questions just like the real exam!

We hope you have learnt some great strategies to use when utilising your GAMSAT Preparation Notes.

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