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GAMSAT Section 2 Help

If you’re looking for gamsat section 2 help, you’ve came to the right place. While Section 1 of the gamsat is the most frequently misunderstood of the sections, it is quickly followed by the essay writing section.  In the first instance students struggle to adapt to the argumentative style expected of them, struggle to write to the 30 minute time limit, and finally struggle to offer insights on human experience expected of them in the reflective task.  There are a number of general gamsat tips which can be offered.

GAMSAT Tip 1 – Enhance your general knowledge.

Candidates are expected to demonstrate a detailed knowledge of current events, as it will add credibility to your argumentative essay, as well as providing you with a greater facility with general themes on concepts dealt with for this essay.  Watch on ABC iview online programs such as Four Corners, Lateline, Q and A, Mediawatch, and Foreign Correspondent.  Read The Economist and Time magazine.

GAMSAT Tip 2 – Become comfortable discussing your experiences and emotions.

Many students feel inhibited writing about their experience in the reflective piece and as a result the material can often come across as stiff and contrived.  It is important to recognise that you are the receptacle of many fascinating and engaging anecdotes and insights.  The key is to become comfortable expressing these experiences.  The markers are not here to judge, they are more attempting to understand what your perspective is on the events of your life.  Whatever perspective you may have it is essential that you express it in a coherent and compelling manner. Try to get comfortable in doing this.

GAMSAT Tip 3 – Enhance your analysis skills.

Analysis involves an ability to provide a detailed explanation of how you form your opinions and insights.  Many students believe that simply have an opinion is enough to guarantee them a high score.  This is not true.  An opinion with analysis to back it up is worth a lot less than may students imagine.  Always remember that you should be trying to convey your thought process at all times.  The markers are not inside your head, so they need to have a really close understanding of what your intentions may have been, as your outline your process of analysis in respect to all of your key points.

GAMSAT Tip 4 – Build your vocabulary.

This is a tricky one.  On the one hand you do not want to seem pretentious or ostentatious in terms of your use of language.  You also need to focus on the economy of your expression.  However, it is also important to remember that a few choice flourishes in your writing can make a major difference to the marker in terms of what it conveys of your intelligence and sophistication.

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