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GAMSAT Scores Explained

gamsat scores explained

GAMSAT Scores Explained Part 1 – Overview

Gamsat scores explained… Let’s begin.

It is often pointed out by GAMSAT candidates that it is hard to know how to interpret GAMSAT scores. First of all, as you should no doubt know from other posts, the exam breaks down in the following fashion:

Section One:  75 Questions in 100 minutes, 25% of your mark

Section Two:  Two essays in one hour, 25% of your mark

Section Three:  110 questions in 170 minutes, 50% of your mark

It is necessary to score a mark of above 50% in each of the sections.  What this means is that you cannot hope to depend on any one particular section to save the day.  Often students will bet on a strong score in section three to save the day for instance.  This is a mistake.  First of all, it is possible that your play may go awry.  The configuration of topics may not be what you expect.  Similarly it is possible that the level of difficulty found in the gamsat questions may exceed your expectations.  Finally, even if you score well in section three, if you score below the minimum for the other two sections your application will be effectively invalidated for most of the Universities.  So, the big lesson is to remember to try to score well across the board.

GAMSAT Scores Explained Part 2 – Advice

There are number of pieces of advice to follow in terms of looking at your gamsat scores:

  1. An offer is based on what percentile your mark falls in.

When I sat the GAMSAT, in the 2000s, a successful applicant to the University of Melbourne Medical School could have a score as low as a 63.  This was based on the fact that fewer people sat the exam at that time, and that scores were generally lower.  Now more people sit, and thanks to more gamsat resources being available for students, scores are higher.  You want to score as high as possible given that scores continue to climb. 

  1. Score above a 65 overall.

Even though it is hard to estimate what would place you in the higher percentiles, and hence achieve an interview offer, it is important to remember that scoring a 65 or below is very unlikely to get you an interview for medicine.  Where once a 60 would have been sufficient at 65 should be your absolute minimum overall score. Note that scores are slightly lower for entry into medicine. View the minimum gamsat scores for medicine and dentistry.

  1. A solid section two score is in the 70s.

Anything below an essay score in the 70s is definitely on the weaker side.  To make an unambiguously strong impression aim to score this high. We have released the most comprehensive resource ever made for Section two… and it’s free. Click here to download it now – GAMSAT Essay Book

  1. Do not score below a 60 for section one.

This is a tricky section for almost all science students.  Scoring below a 60 for section one will definitely hurt any application you make.

  1. Score above a 65 for section three.

Success in this section is more challenging, hence high marks can be illusive.  However, to score below a 65 suggests insufficient preparation and an insufficient knowledge base. A great place to begin your study is to download our free gamsat exam.

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