Questions For Section 1 GAMSAT

Questions For Section 1 GAMSAT

questions for section 1 gamsat
Questions For Section 1 GAMSAT – Social and Behavioural Science Example Unit

Unit 1

Read the following passages (1-5) about five people and their new jobs. Answer the questions (1-6).

Passage 1
Well, I got a mysterious call from an agency asking if I was interested in a job with better prospects and more money. I felt quite flattered. Anyway, I met the person and we discussed the proposition over a drink. Basically, she made me an offer I couldn’t refuse- it was such a good job. And there was a marvellous golden hello. My old company tried to keep me, but that one was just a stepping stone for me. I was off.

Passage 2
I guess everybody expected it, really. My parents had always assumed that one day I would end up in their business, and so I did. I do wish that I’d worked in the wider world a bit more, but working for my parents, we all share in the profits. The money doesn’t go elsewhere and if I want to move on, I can.

Passage 3
I heard it on the grapevine, so to say. I have to go to most of the medical conferences, and eventually you get to know everyone in the circuit. So when this person I know asked me if I’d be interested in joining his sales team, I didn’t hesitate. The company has a terrific reputation. The bonuses we get are amazing even though the job is very demanding. It’s hard to find good medical representatives, you know, and they do what they can to keep us.

Passage 4
At college I had this work placement to do as part of the course, so they sent me here for a term last year. And they must have liked my attitude because they offered me a permanent job. It’s a cool company. I’ve got my foot on the first rung of the ladder and there are lots of opportunities for promotion. But you know, without the college I wouldn’t have thought of applying.

Passage 5
I know that some people have contacts who can pull strings for them, but I had to go through the interview process to get the job. There was an ad which said it was looking for talented people for a rewarding career and well, here I am. It isn’t rewarding financially, as it’s a charity, but it’s very worthwhile work.

Question 1
Which statement is TRUE about the speaker in passage 1?

A She was dissatisfied with the financial benefits she received from the old company.
B She saw the new job as a means of advancement.
C She was wary of the headhunting approach.
D She passed up negotiations with the old company.

Question 2
What does the speaker in passage 2 express about the current job?

A Contrition for following his parents’ advice.
B Misgiving about sharing the profits.
C Complacence about financial security.
D Frustration about inability to travel.

Question 3
According to the speaker in passage 3, the benefits sales persons receive

motivate employees to travel widely.
B are proportional to increasing responsibilities.
C have contributed to the company’s reputation.
D are the result of shortage of quality employees.

Question 4
How does the speaker in passage 4 feel about his current job?

A Positively avid
B Quite undecided

C Mildly equivocal
D Extremely grateful

Question 5
What does the speaker in passage 5 imply?

A The job selection process may be unfair.
B Financial benefits are a good incentive.
C She enjoys occasional social work.
D The information in the ad was partially misleading.

Question 6
Which speaker shows LEAST interest in the financial aspect of the job?

A The speaker in passage 2
B The speaker in passage 4
C The speaker in passage 5
D The speaker in passage 3

section 1 questions for gamsat

Answers To Questions For Section 1 GAMSAT

Unit 1

1. D – ‘My old company tried to keep me’ and “I was off’ indicate her refusal; the other options include partially true information which echoes phrases in the text, but the context renders the information untrue: ‘financial benefits’ from option A are mentioned but in relation to the second job; ‘advancement’ from option B is implied in ‘stepping stone’, but in relation to the first job; ‘headhunting’ in option C is the recruitment process used, but the speaker is happy with it; INFERRING MEANING FROM CONTEXT

2. C – ‘we all share in the profits. The money doesn’t go elsewhere’; there are key words in the other options which contradict the information in the passage; ‘contrition’ in option A, ‘misgiving’ in option B, ‘frustration’ in option D;- INFERRING MEANING FROM CONTEXT

3. D – ‘It’s hard to find good medical representatives, you know, and they do what they can to  keep us’; travelling in option A is not a resulting benefit; option B is not true because no increasing responsibilities are mentioned; the reputation in option C is not based on large benefits;- INFERRING MEANING FROM CONTEXT

4. A – ‘It’s a cool company’- the key to choosing the right answer is the adjective ‘avid’; option D is a distractor because the speaker is grateful, but not about his current job;- EMPATHISING

5. A – ‘I know that some people have contacts who can pull strings for them’; the other options include phrases from the passage but key words such as ‘occasional’ in C and ‘misleading’ in D invalidate them; option B is totally false;  READING FOR STATED DETAILS

6. C – ‘It isn’t rewarding financially[…] but it’s very worthwhile work; the speakers in the other passages stress the importance of the financial aspect;- COMPARING, CONTRASTING, INTERRELATING


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