After searching through various GAMSAT Study Guides from a range of companies I have realised one thing! These study guides are usually vague and do not really provide tips and specific information for the GAMSAT. Some guides provide too much information and clutter that isn’t necessary for the GAMSAT.

One study guide (not mentioning any names) was initially written for the MCAT exam and the author decided to tweak a few things to suit to GAMSAT.

The AceGamsat team has released specific study guides that cover all GAMSAT Topic Points.

The series of GAMSAT Study Guides will show you everything you need to know for the GAMSAT

GAMSAT Study Guides

These guides provide you with all the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the GAMSAT. Video links will also be throughout the guide (for the visual learners).

Check out our GAMSAT Study Guides by Clicking the link below:

And a final note. Remember that practice is the key! Learn all the relevant content through these study guides and then practice GAMSAT questions. You should attempt all four of the ACER Practice papers and the Free AceGAMSAT Mock Exam, which you can find by clicking below:
==> Free Mock Exam

Happy studying 🙂

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