Re: How Long To Study For GAMSAT?

How Long To Study For GAMSAT?

how long to study for gamsat

The GAMSAT is probably the most difficult general exam which can be taken at a tertiary level, followed most likely  by the LSAT exam.  The difficulty of the GAMSAT is due to a number of factors.

  1. It has considerable breadth.

Consider the issues you face in sitting the GAMSAT.  The test is basically sat over a whole day, making it one of the longest tests or exams a student can take.  You must cover a wide variety of general knowledge topics, as well as those specific to given disciplines – such as physics and chemistry – , and in turn exhibit strong writing and reasoning skills.

  1. It requires large blocks of concentrated effort

In each of the sections you are expected to demonstrate a unique set of skills.  For Section 1 you must have excellent comprehension and logic skills.  For section 2 you must demonstrate strong writing and reasoning.  For section 3 you must have a wide range of knowledge relevant to the fundamentals of chemistry, biology and physics.  Such a broad range of skills takes time to acquire and develop.

  1. You must become adept at working to a strict schedule.

The exam involves you completing slightly under 200 questions in limited time.  To be disciplined in moving from question to question and knowing how to a lot your time is a skill unto itself. 

There are other complicating factors in the GAMSAT, but these are typically unique to each student, and the focus of this specific post is on general or generic issues.  So, here are a few things to consider.

How Long To Study For GAMSAT – Study Advice

  1. Do not drop below 15 hours per week in your revision. 

Time and again I have seen how much of a difference repetition and a top-to-bottom knowledge of the exam can make.  You should spend at least two hours per day doing revision and attempting gamsat practice questions.

  1. Try to push your study time table above 25 hours.

My best students over the years have always put in well above the allotted minimum number of hours.  If you can work up to three hours per day you should be in tip-top shape by exam time.

  1. Spend a minimum of six months preparing.

There are late-comers to exam preparation, and while this can be risky and put you under quite a bit of strain it is still possible to have success with, let’s say two-three months of preparation.  I would mainly recommend a full six months of preparation for the exam, eight months at the outside.  By the time you get to the final six weeks all of your work should just be put into fine-tuning your performance.

On a final note, click here to download your Free GAMSAT Practice Question.

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