Re: Section 2 GAMSAT Preparation

Section 2 GAMSAT Preparation

Section 2 of the GAMSAT involves writing two essays in less than an hour. The challenge for participants is to deliver a multi-faceted discussion in a sophisticated approach in regards to the controversial issues provided. So how do you begin your section 2 GAMSAT preparation?

To start with, we recommend that you download our Free GAMSAT Essay Bible for your section 2 GAMSAT preparation:

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Let’s continue… A common mistake that many individuals make is to write an endless number of essays throughout their GAMSAT preparation without proper evaluation. This often results in little improvement in the quality of the pieces written. It is essential to review your essays after completion. Getting a friend for a second opinion, obtaining professional GAMSAT essay feedback or simply reviewing them yourself are all beneficial. Identify areas that can be better improved and target those with specific strategies.

GAMST examiners are looking for individuals who are able to think logically and support their arguments with an evidence-based discussion. It is crucial that you gather sufficient knowledge during your section 2 GAMSAT preparation to expand on the themes presented. Keeping up with current affairs on the news, as well as reading broadly in areas such as history, politics and economics will facilitate this well. The essay topics can truly vary across many fields, therefore gathering information and strengthening your general knowledge is definitely helpful.

You can access hundreds of free section 2 GAMSAT preparation questions (essay quotes) by using our free GAMSAT quote generator.

One thing that most people tend to neglect in their section 2 GAMSAT preparation is the physicality of writing, and practicing writing under time constraint is something worth doing. It is important to know how fast you can write, and examiners definitely appreciate a piece of neat and legible work.

There is clearly a lot of work involved in section 2 GAMSAT preparation, and that may be intimidating for those of you who are not confident writers. However with more practice, confidence will follow! So pick up your pen now and start practicing. Good luck!




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