GAMSAT in a Nutshell

GAMSAT in a Nutshell

gamsat in a nutshell

Okay, so let’s cover the GAMSAT in a nutshell. The GAMSAT is an exam specifically designed for students who are attending university and hoping to achieve what is known as graduate entry to either medical or dentistry school programs. Students who are successful in the GAMSAT will achieve entrance into post graduate medical school programs. This means that, rather than being required to complete the typical undergraduate 5 year degree, a student will instead only need to complete 4 years.

The GAMSAT exam is composed of three sections.

GAMSAT in a Nutshell – Section I

This section involves the student completing 75 questions over 100 minutes (plus an additional 10 minutes reading time). Multiple choice questions cover topics such as cartoon analysis, poetry analysis, comprehension for novels, comprehension for expository texts, comprehension for medical scenarios, puzzles, comprehension for dramatic scenes, and finally logic scenarios.

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GAMSAT in a Nutshell – Section II

In one hour students are expected to write two essays. This will mean they need to spend half an hour on each (plus an additional 5 minutes reading time). Each essay will surround a common theme which is presented in 5 given quotes. Essays will be around 500-600 words in length.

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GAMSAT in a Nutshell – Section III

This section involves students answering questions on a wide range of topics relating to physics, general chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, genetics, and general biology.  In addition a number of questions involve the interpretation of biodata. This portion of the exam lasts 170 minutes and will be 110 questions (plus an additional 10 minutes reading time)

Once the exam is completed students will apply to their top 3 universities on the basis of their GAMSAT scores balanced against their converted GPA.  Typically a converted GPA of around 6.0 upwards to 7.0 with an overall score of above 65 will make for a successful application. 

The exam is designed to give medical school a detailed sense of the student’s aptitudes as a candidate.  Section I illustrates the student’s logic skills, their ability to absorb and interpret a range of written texts, and also to interpret medical scenarios from an emotional perspective.  Section II illustrates the student’s expressive capabilities in convincing patients via argument.  It also represents the student’s ability to engage with commentary and discussion surrounding human experience and the complex emotions we may experience in life.  Section III is more “foundational” to what will literally be covered in a medical degree, the full range of scientific expertise required of a doctor explored throughout the 110 questions for this section.

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That’s the GAMSAT in a nutshell. Happy studying!


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